The Best Natural Testosterone Boosters

The Best Natural Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone is arguably the most important hormone in a man’s life. The health benefits of this magical hormone include maintaining muscle mass, bone density, libido, and the general health of the body. Not only that, but it also helps in improving our mood, sleep, and energy level in our everyday life.

The production of testosterone is at its highest in the body when a man first comes to the age of maturity. But, unfortunately, as the time passes, its level starts decreasing, leading to different health problems including risks to diabetes and heart disease. It also damages the sexual function of the body. Don’t worry; this is a natural phenomenon, and there are a few simple tips that can help you overcome these problems:

1. Never compromise your sleep: Research has proved that getting a quality sleep is the most important factor in maintaining your testosterone level. So, never forget to get a good night’s sleep of seven to nine hours every night.  Here is a video to help you get the best night’s sleep you ever had.

2. Get more vitamin D and Zinc in your food: Both vitamin D and Zinc are proved to be the most dietary factors when it comes to maintaining testosterone in the body. So, adding an adequate amount of these nutrients in your food will have exceptional effects on your testosterone level. The easiest way to get these nutrients is to increase the consumption of nuts, beans, and whole grains.

3. Reduce sugars in diet: According to scientists, high blood glucose level hurts the testosterone level in the body. So you may want to keep in check your sugar habit if you want to maintain your testosterone.

4. Get more high-quality fats: Fat is a natural testosterone booster: Regularly eating good quality fats can significantly increase the testosterone in the body. So don’t hesitate eating red meat, chocolates, and eggs. You should also consider adding nuts and oils in your diet to get more healthy fats.

5. Stop getting stressed: Stress is not good, neither for your body, not for your brain. When you are in stress all the time, the stress hormone (cortisol) is released that affects all you physical and mental functions very severely, including the mechanism involved in the production of testosterone. So, if you want to live a long happy life, this may be a good time to stop getting stressed.

6. Go for Intermittent Fasting: Intermittent fasting means skipping your meals periodically. It is proved to be another natural testosterone booster. It allows your organs to rest and work better on bodily functions other than digestion.

7. Do shorter workouts with breaks: Working out for longer periods leads to stress, resulting in the release of cortisol. Research has proved that taking short resting intervals between exercise sessions produces excellent health results, including optimum hormone production. So: DO workout, but with short breaks.

8. Avoid unnecessary medication: Liver enzymes play a significant role in the manufacturing of testosterone in the body. Excessive and unnecessary medication, along with its other adverse effects, can hinder the testosterone output by damaging the liver function. So, only use recommended and necessary medication if you are worried about your low testosterone production.

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A Guide to Testosterone Creams

A Guide to Testosterone Creams

Testosterone creams are today the most effective testosterone boosters available in the market. Low testosterone levels cause a decrease in muscle mass, risk of heart disease, increased body fat, loss of memory and low libido. Testosterone creams are absorbed through the skin. Testosterone therapy is an effective remedy for people who has low testosterone levels especially because of andropause. The creams enable you to hold firm erections for an extended period of time, and they also enhance sexual desire helping you reclaim your manhood fast. However, different types of testosterone builders can be taken orally or through injections.

Testosterone Creams Guide

  • Excessive use of the creams can rise blood vessels up to a toxic level.
  • In case you miss a dose of the medication applies it immediately you remember then go to your regular dosage.
  • Ensure you store the cream in a closed container at room temperature. It should be stored away from direct light, heat or moisture.
  • Typically, the cream comes with a guide and instructions which you should read carefully and follow accordingly.
  • Ensure you wash the hands thoroughly using soap and water before applying the cream.
  • Apply the cream to a clean, intact and dry skin surface.
  • Allow the cream to dry on the skin before covering it with clothing. You should wait for at least five hours before showering after applying the gel.
  • Wash your hands well or thoroughly after applying the gel to prevent it from transferred from one person to another.
  • The cream is flammable hence should not be used near heat, while smoking or in an open flame.
  • The dosage of this cream differs depending on different patients. It is important to follow doctor’s orders since the amount prescript depends on the strength of the medicine.
  • Using testosterone cream for women in pregnant girls or mothers who nurse their babies should not be performed. The testosterone can pass from the mother to the baby.
  • The rare effects from using testosterone cream for ladies and men embrace liver complications. These cream negative side effects will manifest themselves as yellowing of the skin or eyes, nausea, abdominal pain, abnormal bleeding, abnormal bruising or severe fatigue.
  • Prolonged erections in men also occur. Respiration disturbances, including those associated with sleep, will result from using testosterone
  • Patients with a history of liver problems, kidney disorders, hypersensitivity to testosterone and cardiac problems should not use the cream. Testosterone is known to alleviate liver complications in people who have had liver problems in the past.
  • Pregnant women should not use the cream. Also, mothers who are nursing their babies should not use the cream as it can pass from the mother to the baby.
  • After you empty the packet and apply its contents, remember to dispose of the empty foil packet in a safe place where pets or children cannot reach.

Negative Side-Effects of Using Testosterone Creams

  • Testosterone creams have adverse side effects ranging from mild to severe.
  • The creams can cause masculinizing effects including increased hair growth, weight gain, acne and deepening of your voice.
  • Men can have prostate problems and even difficulty in urination.
  • Women can have swollen and tender breasts.
  • They also cause skin irritation.


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