Boosting Testosterone and Juicing For Your Manhood Review

5 Reasons that You Might Have Low Testosterone

Testosterone is a tough thing for our bodies to produce, but it is necessary for us to live, and feel like a man. Having low testosterone makes us feel bad and can lead us to destroy our bodies. While increasing testosterone production is a good thing, it is much better for us to¬†figure out why we don’t have the testosterone that we desire. Causes of low testosterone vary among men, but there are a few reasons of low testosterone that are extremely common.

1. Being Overweight is the leading cause of low testosterone in America. Over one-third of America is considered to be obese, and 74% of men are deemed to be overweight. It makes sense that being overweight decreases testosterone because more of the vitamins and minerals in our body have to be used to support that weight instead of going through the process of becoming testosterone. Also, even if more testosterone were produced, it would have to go through more weight to have an effect.

2. Being Underweight is another reason that you might have low testosterone. People that are underweight tend to eat less than people that are of healthy weight. Because you are eating less, you will have fewer nutrients and vitamins to turn into testosterone. People that are underweight also can develop poor routines and diets.
3. Aging is considered to be the most common reason for low testosterone. Everybody knows that as a teenager they had the most amount of testosterone that they will ever have in their life and as they got older they didn’t have the same amount as they did back then. It’s just natural for our bodies to produce less testosterone as we age.
4. Stress is a huge factor in testosterone production. In fact, stress plays a huge part in the production of any hormone in our body. Having high stress is not a good thing for anybody to have in their lives, as it affects our mood which is ultimately what determines our happiness. Eliminating stress is sometimes very easy to do, or can be severely painful to do, it just depends on the type of person you are and the situation that you are in.
5. Drugs and Medications can also factor into testosterone production. Any drug that you put in your body has a chance to influence hormone production and how the hormone is used in your body. Even legal drugs, such as nicotine and caffeine, play a major part in how hormones are produced and used in our bodies. Harder drugs, such as opiates and stimulants, can completely mess up testosterone production. Never take drugs unless they are prescribed by a doctor and report any signs of low testosterone to your doctor so that they can take care of you in the healthiest way.

6 Best Exercises to Boost Testosterone

It is no secret that exercising will boost testosterone. Testosterone aids in the production and releasing of Dopamine in our bodies. As we exercise, we release dopamine into our system and as we release dopamine we create a need to produce more. Testosterone also helps develop muscle mass, which will increase the amount of dopamine needed in our bodies. In case you didn’t know, dopamine is the reward chemical in the brain that makes us feel happiness.
1. Just Simply Walking is an excellent way to boost testosterone levels. Even though walking is an incredibly mild exercise, it can increase testosterone much better than simply sitting around all day.
2. Push-ups are another simple way to get the blood flowing and increase testosterone. Unlike walking, which burns fat, push-ups encourage the muscles in your arms and chest to grow, which helps increase testosterone.
3. Sit-ups do wonders for increasing testosterone. They get the abdominal muscles working, and that can not only get testosterone boosted, it can also lead to getting the look that you desire out of increased testosterone.
4. Yoga is an alternative route to what one might consider exercise. Although it may not seem like it, yoga can ease the mind, thus reducing stress and increasing testosterone.
5. Pull-ups are another arm workout that uses different muscles in your arms than push-ups. While pull-ups do require some form of equipment to do, it isn’t that hard to find something that you can use to do this exercise.
6. Squats have been proven to be one of the best workouts you can do. Not only do squats workout your leg muscles, but they also work out your abdominal muscles.

Top 8 Foods for Testosterone

Food is no doubt the best and most natural way for you to increase your testosterone. The food that we eat naturally is what turns into every single hormone that is running through our bodies. Recently, the diet in America and many other developed countries has become worse and is destroying mankind. This is due to it is cheaper to produce and to eat processed foods. The food group that the FDA pushes the most, grains, really is the worst thing for us to eat, due to the high amounts of carbohydrates in grain products. The best nutrients for maximum testosterone, in order from most effective to least effective, are proteins, natural fats, and carbohydrates.
1. Eggs are hands down one of the best foods to increase testosterone. Eggs are heavy in protein and are extremely easy to cook up and eat. They also can go great with most meals that we eat and are an ingredient in many of the things that we cook up.
2. Red Meats are probably the best thing that we can consume if we want to increase testosterone. Red meats are loaded with proteins and natural fats and contain zero carbohydrates. Red meats include beef, steak, bacon and pork,
3. Peanuts might just be the best snacking food if you are looking to gain testosterone. Peanuts have plenty of protein and are completely natural. Not only are they easy to eat, but they are also incredibly filling, that way you eat less in between meals.
4. Bananas are probably the best fruit that you can eat. Bananas contain many of the natural sugars that your body needs, as well as providing dopamine-producing products. The dopamine-related properties of bananas will not only make you gain more testosterone, but they will also make you happier.
5. Apples contain a very rich sugar content that is crucial for your body. As we all know, sugar gives us energy, so it should be a critical part of our diets. Apples are a guaranteed way to get the sugar that we need to create the testosterone that we desire.
6. Fish can be another way to get protein into our bodies. Fish, while containing very little fats, have plenty of other vitamins and minerals that are essential to boosting testosterone.
7. White Meats are another way to get plenty of protein into your body. While containing fewer fats than red meat, they have loads of protein and are very cheap to obtain and easy to cook. White meats include chicken and turkey.
8. Milk, while not necessarily a food, is an excellent way to get all of your daily nutrients. Milk contains a vast majority of the nutrients that you need to survive. A glass of milk every day will surely boost testosterone, as well as give you better overall health.

7 Supplement Recommendations for Increased Testosterone

While supplements aren’t necessarily the most recommended thing by doctors, they surely will help you in the search to increase testosterone. There are many theories to using supplements to building testosterone and plenty of supplements out there. Different supplements affect people very differently, and the diet that you follow will affect the way that each of the supplements treats you. Some supplements have side effects that you may experience but generally won’t permanently damage your body.

1. Calcium, Magnesium & Zinc supplements are the most common supplement taken among those with low testosterone. Those with low testosterone are also deficient in these areas, so taking this supplement is very beneficial. Not only will taking this supplement decrease the side effects of having low testosterone, but it will also give you more energy throughout the day and lead to an overall healthier lifestyle.
2. Fish Oil is another very popular supplement that is commonly used to reduce the risk of heart disease. While fish oil won’t directly increase testosterone, having a healthier heart will. A not-so-common cause of low testosterone is heart problems, which can be potentially serious. Taking fish oil will help support and maintain your cardiovascular systems, which will help someone who is serious about boosting testosterone reach their goals.
3. Nettle Root Extract is another common supplement used among men with low testosterone. While not necessarily increasing testosterone production, it does make testosterone more bio-available in your body which in turn will increase the effects that testosterone has on your body. Every chemical in your body has a limited bio-availability, and increasing the bio-availability of any chemical will make it more usable to your body.
4. Tribulus Terrestris is a supplement that can potentially increase testosterone production. While no supplement has been proven to increase testosterone, it is very likely that this one does. A vast majority of those that have used this supplement showed signs of an increased testosterone and users said that they felt stronger and had more energy. Side effects of this supplement are also minuscule compared to other testosterone boosting products out there. The most common use of this supplement is to solve minor cardiovascular issues as well as increase athletic performance, which will aid in exercises that you should do to increase testosterone.
5. Meal Supplements, such as protein shakes, are also very beneficial if you choose to take supplements to enhance your testosterone. Protein shakes will give you much more protein than just about any food source you can think of, which will give a massive energy boost and increase muscle production. Meal supplements, while perfect for a quick meal, should not be taken for every meal. You should still eat as you would regularly, using the meal supplements before a hard workout to build muscle mass and increase testosterone.
6. Vitamin D supplements are another very beneficial supplement to take. Many people who are lactose-intolerant are also low in testosterone, and the cause may be because they are Vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is essential not only for testosterone production but also for a healthy bone structure. Since low testosterone can cause bone loss and degrade, it is essential for you to get at least your daily value of Vitamin D in your system.
7. Vitamin C supplements are another great way to increase testosterone. Vitamin C is most commonly found in citrus fruits, such as oranges and not getting enough of it will lower overall energy and happiness. Having plenty of energy and not being depressed will boost testosterone substantially.

Does Following Juicing for Your Manhood Really Increase Testosterone?

Juicing For Your Manhood is a guide and recipe book that you can use to generate more testosterone. It is highly diet focused and mainly focuses on using a juicer to achieve results that will boost testosterone greatly. The author, Olivier Langlois, has experience with low testosterone and shares the method that worked for him to get more testosterone and a stronger manhood.
Whether or not Juicing For Your Manhood works is ultimately up to you. If you follow the recipes in the book, the chances are that you will see an increase in your testosterone and will overall feel better about your life in general. The recipes in the book are very easy to follow and for the most part do increase your testosterone, so long as you exercise regularly and aren’t lazy.

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